About Yepum

Where did ‘Yepum’ come from?

Coming from the Korean word for beauty ‘예쁨’. Yepum started with the idea to create a space for users to immerse themselves in all things about beauty and self care related. We wanted to provide an interactive platform that shares user’s opinion, provide meaningful information that was easy to understand and a fun way to discover all kinds of different products. We discovered that when people are looking for some cosmetics there were quite often multiple steps they would undertake. Such as finding the item, if it suits their skin type, what kind of ingredients were used in the product and deciphering what these ingredients are used for, how they were rated and if they are cruelty free. It also became clear that seeking real life reviews was also important whether it be from watching multiple youtube reviews, seaching blog posts, the web or articles to find the product they are interested in. All of these steps are time consuimg and we saw an opportunity so optimise these tasks taken by user by providing one simple application that takes the hard work out of the research. You can freely share your real time experience and opinion for each product, discover new products, interact with like minded people and make item research simple and easy.

What is Yepum’s first step?

Yepum has just launched and we hope our users enjoy all the functions we have integrated into the application. Our dream is that this is an application built by our users so by them sharing their reviews and interacting with each other. It creats a fun and meaningful application to use.

What is Yepum’s goal?

We want to give our users the chance to be better informed about the products they are using. To know the proper information about the ingredients and how they will work alongside their skin type. We want to grow together and hoping that this is a revolution in how skincare and cosmetic enthusiasts research and shop.